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Japanese chef knife
Japanese chef knife
Japanese chef knife
Japanese chef knife
Japanese chef knife
Japanese chef knife
Japanese chef knife
Japanese chef knife
Japanese chef knife

Japanese Chef Knife Aritsugu Santoku 180 mm 7.08" White Steel Personalized Name

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You can cut meat, fish and vegetables easily. Your cooking will go through a dramatic change!

This is the Santoku knife. It is made of white steel and stainless steel. An all-around performer that cuts practically anything. You will love how the weight of your Santoku works for you. Its beveled edge is perfect for portioning meat or preparing fish.

It is a santoku knife with steel sandwiched between stainless steel. The stainless steel part does not rust, but only the steel part of the cutting edge does.

Compared to steel knives, it is much easier to clean, and since the cutting edge is made of steel, it does not cut quickly like stainless steel.


After ordering you will receive an order confirmation (a name engraving service) via e-mail.


Tsukiji Aritsugu (made in Japan)

One knife, paper box and the Aritsugu's wrapping paper

Tsukiji Uogashi Santoku

An all-around performer that cuts practically anything.

Edge angle:

Blade material:
White steel #2
Stainless steel

Bolster material:
Black water buffalo-horn bolster

Handle material:

Total length:
Approx 320 mm (12.59")

Blade length:
Approx 180 mm (7.08")

Blade width:
Approx 45 mm (1.77")

Black thickness:
Approx 2 mm (0.07")

Approx 110 g (3.88 oz)

HRC (Hardness Rockwell C scale):

Item number:

Since all products are uniquely crafted, minor variation in color and finish can occur.


*Care Instructions
Wash well before first use
Hand wash in warm soapy water
Hone regularly
Sharpen to get the best cut every time


*How about having your name engraved on the blade?
It is a free service. You can choose your name or something else you would like written on your Japanese knife.

You can have it done in English, Kanji or Katakana. The clients who ordered it were all very satisfied. Choosing to have your name engraved on a Japanese specialty knife would make it a quite unique.

How about sending it as a wedding gift, birthday gift or when congratulating the opening of a new business?


*Aritsugu cutlery
This is Aritsugu made of the best steel and by artisans with their high technique. It has been inherited technique making Japanese sword since 1560, and it is a top position as the knife maker in Japan even now.

Their swords had very sharp edged, so they dedicated them to Japanese emperor. The steels are so sharpness and tough at the tip of a knife, but the stainless steels and ceramics aren't.

When the chefs use Aritsugu, they can cut any ingredients to bring out the flavor and they also have their imaginations and widen their idea more.

That is the reason why the first-class chefs around the world love Aritsugu. Of course, you can use it as a household kitchen knife.

All our items are 100% authentic.


*Important for international customers
If a buyer located in different countries, we inform buyers that additional duties and taxes (such as those charged at customs) may apply.

This is to make it clear to buyers that they may be responsible for paying these additional fees.

Please check your country tax fee.

Thank you.

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