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Which knives are praised by customers around the world?

This time, we will introduce Tsukiji knife.

Which knives are praised by customers around the world?

Aritsugu knife

Tsukiji Aritsugu is a famouse kitchen knife maker in the cooking industry.

Aritsugu Knives are easy to use, so they are very popular with overseas customers.

Reasons why Aritsugu is chosen
・They are made with over 400 years of tradition and skill.
・All of Aritsugu’s knives are handmade
・It is a knife that can cut ingredients without losing their flavor.

It is a knife that is carefully made one by one by their hands of a craftsman.

Aritsugu knife

Aritsugu’s craftsmen will engrave your favorite words onto it by hand. It  also  makes  a  great  gift. 

Aritsugu knife

Yanagiba Knives are made in this way in order to cut the cross section of sashimi beautifully and keep it fresh.

»You can see Tsukiji Aritsugu’s knives here.

We have received a lot of reviews from customers all over the world who have placed orders with us.

Aritsugu knife

The knife is incredible and the seller was very easy to work with overall. Great experience and excellent quality product.

Kriel from UK (order the Santoku knife)

Aritsugu knife

Very good quality knife, one of top brand ARITSUGU!👍✨

Souvannavong from Australia (order the Gyuto knife)

Aritsugu knife

I’ve just received my knife today. It’s beautifull I’m very very happy.
Many Thanks Best regards.

Christophe from France (order the Yanagiba knife)

Aritsugu knife

The knife looks very great and the inscription is perfect. The customer service is very friendly and helpul.

Guttmann from Germany (order the Santoku knife)

Aritsugu knife

I only use ARITSUGU, I only buy from Japan-knives. Everything perfect! Arigato!!

Souvannavong from Australia (order the Yanagiba knife)

If  you  use  Aritsugu  knives,  your  cooking  skills  will  improve  even  more.

»You can see Tsukiji Aritsugu’s knives here.