[ The god of prosperous business] What kind of shrines can you visit at Tsukiji ?

Tsukiji shrine

Japanese shrine

"I heard that there is a shrine in Tsukiji. I would like to visit there , so please tell me where it is. I’m also very curious about the goshuin "

We’ll respond to your request like this.

You can learn about a shrine (god of prosperous business) in Tsukiji.

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1.What kind of shrines are there in Tsukiji?
2.What is the goshuin of the shrine in Tsukiji?
3.What is the access to the shrine?

We will guide you around Tsukiji.

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1.What kind of shrines are there in Tsukiji?

Japanese shrine

There is a shrine called "Tsukiji Namiyoke" Shrine.

It is the guardian deity of Tsukiji.

Japanese shrine

The origin of Namiyoke Shrine is that after the great fire of Meireki in 1657, the Edo shogunate was carrying out landfill work at Tsukiji, which was at sea level at the time.

Even if the embankment was built , it was swept away by the strong waves , and construction was difficult.

At that time , the sacred body of Inari Okami, who shines on the surface of the sea , appeared , and the people who feared it built a shrine on this land .

Then , after the purification ceremony, the grand festival was held.

After that , the wind and waves subsided , and the reclamation work was completed without incident.

It was the second year of Manji(1659).

People were surprised that the miracle of this divine virtue appeared immediately , and Namiyoke Shrine was born in Tsukiji.

Japanese shrine

A dragon that commands clouds , a tiger that commands wind , and a giant lion that commands all things with a single cry were dedicated to Namiyoke Shrine.

It is said that the Shishi Festival began with the carrying of this on the shoulder.

Japanese shrine

This is the Tsukiji Shishi Festival held in June every year.

The people of Tsukiji wear hanten coats with the kanji for wave, which is part of the name of Namiyoke Shrine.

Then people wear it and carry the mikoshi.

Japanese shrine

From the Edo period to the present, it is enshrined as a god who can overcome disasters and overcome waves.

It is also worshiped for its divine virtues such as warding off disasters, warding off evil, prosperous business, and construction safely.

Japanese shrine

Tsukiji Namiyoke shrine
After the 3rd year of Meireki(1657), the reclamation work by the Edo shogunate ran into difficulties.

A splendid object of worship for Inari Okami, which emits light on the surface of the sea , has appeared.

Build a shrine in this area and hold a grand festival.

In 1659, the storm subsided and the reclamation work was successfully completed .

Worship as Namiyoke Inari , who overcomes the waves and wards off disasters.

②What is the goshuin of the shrine in Tsukiji?

Japanese shrine

Tsukiji Namiyoke Shrine has two types of goshuin throughout the year , and 17 types are issued in one year.

Furthermore , by visiting the Seven Lucky Gods( Shichifukujin), you can get 11 types of limited goshuin.

The original goshuin book is embroidered with the symbol of the shrine, the large lion [Tenjo-o-jishi(male lion,osu-jishi)] that wards off evil and the Benzaiten Ohaguro Lion (female lion , mesu-jishi).

Japanese shrine

On the back of the goshuin book , the hanten worn at shrine festivals and the pictures of Tsukiji – style tuna are embroidered .

Japanese shrine

③What is the access to the shrine?

Tsukiji station

About 7 minutes on foot from Tsukiji Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.

On the way to the shrine , you can go shopping as you pass through the Tsukiji Outer Market, Tsukiji Jogai Ichiba.


A store monument unique to Tukiji is built in the precincts of the shrine.

Japanese shrine

There is also a Yoshinoya stone monument because the first beef bowl restaurant Yoshinoya was located in Tsukiji Market.

Japanese shrine

You can learn more about Tsukiji Namiyoke Shrine by watching this video.(in Japanese) ↓↓↓


Tsukiji Namiyoke Shrine
About 7 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Tsukiji Station

・Phone : 03-3541-8451
・Adresss : 6-20-37 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
・Hours to visit the main hall : Any time
・Goshuin book reception hours : 9:00-17:00

Here is the location.↓

It is “Go to Tsukiji”, where Tsukiji Namiyoke Shrine is located!

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