Tsukiji's delicious and popular Japanese thick rolled omelet restaurant.

Tsukiji restaurant


" I want to eat a delicious Japanese rolled omelet, Tamagoyaki at Tsukiji. Please tell me the recommended restaurants where we can eat while walking.

I want to send delicious Tsukiji Japanese rolled omelet called Tamagoyaki to my parents who haven’t been able to meet for a long time"

We’ll respond to your request like this.

You know the recommended Tamagoyaki restaurant in Tsukiji.

Contents of this time
1.What  kind  of  Tamagoyaki  you  can  eat  while  walking  around  Tsukiji? 
2.Where  do  you  recommend  a  delicious  Tamagoyaki  restaurant? 

"JP Chef Knife.com" will guide you through Tsukiji. We will also introduce recommended Tsukiji information that the locals told us.

After reading this article, you too will  become a Tsukiji  connnoisseur! 

We will be happy if it becomes a good memory of Tsukiji. 

1.What  kind  of  Tamagoyaki  you  can  eat  while  walking  around  Tsukiji? 


If  you  come  to  Tsukiji,  you  can  taste  delicious  freshly  baked  Tamagoyaki. 

The  price  is  150 yen  including  tax! 

Tsukiji , not only seafood but also Tamagoyaki is delicious.

Because of its delicious Tamagoyaki , it is also served at famous Sushi restaurants in Tsukiji and Ginza.

You can enjoy eating delicious Tamagoyaki while sightseeing in Tsukiji.

You will become a fan of Tsukiji.

2.Which sushi restaurant do you recommend in Tsukiji?

The  recommended  restaurant  is  "Tsukiji  Yamacho". 

At  Yamacho,  they  use  freshly-caught  eggs  delivered  directly  from  the  farm. 

They  use  very  high  quality  , carefully  salected  farm  eggs  and  hand  crack  each  egg  to  ensure  the  condition  of  each  egg.

It’s  delicious  because  its  made  with  care. 


Recommended reasons
・No  chemical  seasonings  used. 
・Uses  dashi  stock  made  only  from  bonito  flakes. 
・Each  piece  is  carefully  baked  by  a  craftsman

By  watching  this  video (in Japanese),  you  can  learn  how  to  make  Tamagoyaki  at  Tsukiji  Yamacho.↓↓↓ 

Tsukiji  Yamacho 
5 minutes walk from Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro Hibiya line)

Phone number : +81332486002 (reservation  accepted)

Adress : Tsukiji 4-10-10 in Chuo-ku Tokyo
Business: 6:00 to 15:30
Holidays :  No  holidays

*Business hours and food prices are subject to change , so please check in advance.

Here  is  the  location. ↓

Let's go to Tsukiji!

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