Recommended for lunch! This is the delicious Japanese sushi restaurant in Tsukiji.

Japanese sushi

"I’m looking for a good sushi restaurant in Tsukiji. There are many restaurant in Tsukiji ‘s outdoor market. I would like you to tell me which sushi restaurant you recommend. This is my first time going to Tsukiji, so please tell me where I can eat calmly."

We’ll respond to your request.

You know the recommended sushi restaurant.

Contents of this time
1.What is the recommended way to eat sushi in Tsukiji?
2.Which sushi restaurant do you recommend in Tsukiji?

"JP Chef" will guide you around Tsukiji. We’ll also introduce Tsukiji information recommended by local people.

Reading this article makes you familiar with Tsukiji.

I hope you can make good memories of Tsukiji.

1.What is the recommended way to eat sushi in Tsukiji?

Speaking of Tsukiji, it’s sushi.

You think the threshold is a little high because there are many specialty sushi restaurants, the recommended way is buying sushi to go.

By buying sushi to go, you can easily sushi from popular Tsukiji restaurant.

2.Which sushi restaurant do you recommend in Tsukiji?

The restaurant I recommend is “Sushi-Dai”.

This restaurant won first place in the category of Tsukiji outdoor market everyone want to go to eat.

It was broadcast on a variety show called “Ad Hock Tengoku”.

Recommended reasons
・Delicious and Reasonable price
・Popular restaurant where people line up
・Be open night and Sunday

There is also a wide varof take–out menus.

This is Tsukiji night set that you can eat for 1650 yen. (tax included)

This is corn-Tempura.

This is fried small shrimp.

This is grilled white fish.

If you watch this video (Japanese) , you can see more about Sushi-Dai.↓↓↓

Tsukiji Sushi-Dai
6 minutes walk from Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro Hibiya line)
Phone number : +81335413738 (reservation avilable)
Adress : Tsukiji 6-21-2 in Chuo ward Tokyo
Business: 10:30 to 22:00
Recommended time zones : 10:30-11:00 , 15:00-16:00
Holidays : New Year’s holidays only

*Business hours and food prices are subject to change , so please check in advance.

The location is this way.↓

Let's go to Tsukiji!

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