If you want to drink coffee in Tsukiji, this is the place. We recommend the delicious "matcha cappuccino".

Tsukiji restaurant


"I would like to know a place where I can drink coffee and take a break in Tsukiji. I would also like to know where I can buy souvenirs from Tsukiji. . "

We’ll respond to your request like this.

We introduce restaurant where you can drink delicious coffee in Tsukiji.

I would be happy if you could become a Tsukiji fan.

Where can you get delicious coffee in Tsukiji?


It’s “Koushuen”.

It is a group company of Brooks Coffee.

↓This is what the inside of the store looks like.

At the back of the store , there is a place where you can drink coffee or tea and eat matcha ice cream.

Japanese matcha

↓This is Koshuen’s Brooks Iced Coffee. (400 yen)

Japanese coffee

It’s a strong black coffee. Although it has a bitter taste , the aftertaste is refreshing.

You can enjoy authentic coffee ground from beans.

↓The shop’s recommendation is the Matcha Cappuccino. (500 yen)

Japanese matcha

It’s a mellow matcha flavored cappuccino.

It has just the right amount of sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste, making it very delicious.

When you come to Tsukiji, be sure to try the matcha cappuccino!

This is the drink menu. All coffee can be served hot or cold.

Japanese matcha

This is organic "Uji matcha" soft serve ice cream.(500 yen)

Japanese matcha

It is recommended as a sweet after eating out. ^^

↓ In addition to tea and tea utensils , dried goods such as seaweed are also sold.

You can buy souvenirs unique to Tsukiji.

Japanese matcha

Japanese matcha

↓This time, I purchased 100 bundles of seasoned seaweed. 


I ate the seaweed with rice at home and it was very delicious.

There are 100 bundles of seaweed in totaly, and the price of 1180 yen is a great deal!!


There are 24 bundles of Bonito Flakes in totaly, and the price of 988 yen is a great deal also!


Koushuen bonito flakes make onigiri even more delicious.

Japanese onigiri

Characteristics of Koshuen
・It’s Brooks Coffee group companies
・Matcha cappuccino is recommended
・You can buy coffee, tea, and dried food souvenirs

You can also drink delicious coffee and take a break.

Japanese matcha

↓Here is the route from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line “ Tsukiji Station “ to “ Koushuen“. 

Shop Koushuen
Address 4-10-7 Tsukiji Chuoku Tokyo
Phone 03-3545-5501
Opening hours  
Regular day off Sunday・holiday・Wednesday(Market closed days)
※It is subject to change.


Let's go to Tsukiji!


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