Founded in 1560! A Japanese kitchen knife that makes a great gift and can be personalized.

Japanese chef knife

Japanese chef knife

"I want to give my mother a special gift for her 60th birthday. My mother loves to cook , so I would like to give her a knife with her name on it. Please tell me the recommended kitchen knife. "

We will respond to your request.

You can  find recommended Japanese kitchen knife that will please  everyone as a gift.

Contents of this time
1.Why are Japanese kitchen knives with names engraved on them so  popular?
2.What kind of Japanese kitchen knives would you like to be pleased  as a gift?
3.Which manufacturer of Japanese kitchen knives do you recommend?

This time, we will introduce Tsukiji Japanese kitchen knives.

1.Why are Japanese kitchen knives with names  engraved  on them so popular?

Japanese chef knife

Japanese kitchen knives are popular as auspicious gifts.

Reason  for  popularity 
・The Japanese kitchen knife has the meaning of carving out destiny.
・Engraving one’s name on a kitchen knife is a token of gratitude.
・A Japanese kitchen knife engraved with one’s name will be appreciated by everyone as a one-of-a kind gift.

Kitchen knives have been treated as sacred since ancient times. It  has  the meaning of opening  up  the  future, and is recommended as a gift for  your loved ones. 

Japanese chef knife

Recommended as a gift 
・To celebrate the opening of business
・For starting a new life
・For the 60th birthday celebration
・Father’s Day, Mother’s Day gift

It is wrapped in wrapping paper from a famous knife maker in Tsukiji, so  everyone will love it. 

Japanese chef knife

2.What kind of Japanese kitchen knives would you like  to  be pleased as a gift ? 

Japanese chef knife

We recommend Santoku Knives! 

Santoku means “three uses“.

A single knife that can cut meat, fish, vegetables and a wide range of other  ingredients in a variety of ways .

Uses of Santoku knives
・Can cut large ingredients such as lettuce
・Suitable for peeling apples
・Convenient for preparing meat and fish

Japanese chef knife

It is recommended for home cooking because it is a versatile kitchen knife. 

3.Which manufacturer of Japanese kitchen knives do you recommend?

Japanese chef knife Aritsugu

It is Tsukiji Aritsugu, which is famous in the cooking industry.

Aritsugu‘s knives are easy to use and sharp, so they are loved by many people, including professional chefs! 

Reasons why Aritsugu is chosen
・They are made with over 400 years of tradition and skill.
・All of Aritsugu’s knives are handmade
・Professional chefs around the world are watched with interest.

You can see Aritsugu’s kitchen knives by watching this video.(Japanese)

This is a Santoku knife recommended by Aritsugu.

Japanese chef knife

They are kitchen knives with excellent sharpness.

Recommended reason
・Steel material that cuts better than stainless steel
・Easy-to-use 6.49 inches blade size
・Light and comfortable wooden handle

Aritsugu knives  are very easy to use, so they are very popular with overseas customers.

We have received good words from our customers in UK.

An absolutely stunning work of art, you can really see the skill gone into the blade, it’s beautiful. Amazing customer support and very quick delivery too, I’d highly recommend Japan Knives to anyone looking for gorgeous knives. Thank you so much!

Smith sama from United Kingdom

A craftsman from Tsukiji Aritsugu carefully polishes each by hand and engraves the customer’s name. 


Japanese chef knife

Japanese chef knife

By engraving your name on it, it  becomes a one-of-a-kind gift in the world.

»Pleasea click here for Tsukiji Aritsugu's Santoku knife.

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