What are the advantages of using good knives ?

Japanese chef knife


"I want a knife used by professionals to improve my cooking skills. I want a knife that I can use for the rest of my life. So please tell me the recommended knife."

We will respond to your request.

We will tell you recommended kitchen knives that will improve your cooking skills, they are knives that even professionals continue to use.

Contents of this time
1.What are the advantages of using good knives?
2.Which knife can be used for home use?
3.Recommended Santoku for home use?

This time, we will introduce Tsukiji knife.

1.What are the advantages of using good knives?

Kitchen knife

Using a good knife makes the food look and taste even better!

The advantages of using good knives
・The cross section of the ingredients is clean
・The speed of oxidation of the cut cross section is slowed down
・Brings out the flavor of ingredients


If you use a knife that cuts well , you can make even more delicious dishes !


2.Which knife can be used for home use?


We recommend Santoku knives!

It  is  a  knife  that  can  handle  a  wide  range  of  ingredients  such  meat ,  vegetables,  and  fish. 

Uses of Santoku knives
・Can cut various ingredients
・Easy to use even for beginners
・Recommended as a main knife

You  can  cut  meat. 


You can also cut fish.


Of  course ,  you  can  also  cut  vegetables.


»Click here for Santoku knives that can be used at home.

3.Recommended Santoku for home use?

Japanese chef knife Aritsugu

It's Tsukiji Aritsugu, famous in the cooking industry.

Aritsugu’s knives are easy to use and sharp, so they are loved by many people, including professional chefs!

Reasons why Aritsugu is chosen
・They are made with over 400 years of tradition and skill.
・All of Aritsugu’s knives are handmade
・Professional chefs around the world are watched with interest.

You can see Aritsugu’s kitchen knives by watching this video.(Japanese)

This is a Santoku knife recommended by Aritsugu.

Santoku knife

This knife is highly recommended for its sharpness and appearance.

Recommended reason
・Easy-to-use blade length of 18cm
・The handle is made of wood that fits comfortably in your hand.
・Since the straight part of the blade is long , it is easy to cut.

Choosing  a  knife  is  very  important  to  make  delicious  food. 


If  you  use  Aritsugu  knives,  your  cooking  skills  will  improve  even  more.

»Click here for recommended Santoku knives that are also used by professionals.

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